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The Italian Man

I’m sitting at the train station, waiting for the next one to arrive as I just missed the last one to go to work. People are either on their phones with headphones on or standing staring off into the trees. The same lady at the front counter repeats punching in buttons and prints out train tickets. “Round trip?” She always asks. The commute to work is insane. On a good day when public transportation is working and everything is on time, it takes an hour. Typically it takes an

What Brings Families Together

I found out my grandmother on my dad’s side passed away on Friday. My initial reaction was blank. Then I got upset and started crying at work and left early. Then I got angry. I didn’t think I would have these emotions and reactions at all. My dad passed away in 2003–I haven’t spoken too nor seen my grandparents or uncle since the day of my dad’s funeral.  All families have their skeletons, right? I had the same reaction to my grandmother passing as I did to my uncle passing

Hitting Bottom

When I Hit Bottom and could have Died— I had not been working at my new job for a month yet. This was the same week my ex and I broke up. Not that it's an excuse to drink, but for me it was. I decided to take an Uber to work and back. I wanted to be responsible but also knew I wanted to get drunk at this work event. But not this drunk. I started with a Maryland Mule, switched to Sangria, then a Jalapeño margarita, had a Dark and Stormy, and then I blacked out. My coworker tol

Resources to Help

When my friend introduced me to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) back in 2017, I was in awe with how many resources and support is out there.  I bounced around groups for a few months to see which ones I liked the best but haven’t gone back since early 2018. I went to Atheist groups, groups believing in God, and Gay groups. AA is very much dedicated to God, but it’s really about believing in any higher power. Recently, I’ve been wanting to find an AA home house near me because I re

Tricks to Fake Drinking

Tricks to fake drinking---to trick your mind and others around you to think you’re drinking: 1) Want a drink that looks like a vodka soda? Ask for a club soda with lime and put it in a cocktail drink. People think you’re going hard. 2) Add a splash of cranberry juice to your club soda and with lime to make it look like a mixed drink. 3) Create non-alcoholic cocktails at home, especially during the holidays. There’s actually decent Sangria recipes out there. 4) Ask t

Celebrities that Don't Drink

I was surprised to gather a long list of celebrities that don’t drink. Now some of these articles are outdated, but at one point, these celebrities were sober. I wish they would talk about their struggles more because we are all human and relate to each other more than we think. For your curiosity, here is a running list. My favs are starred* below: 1) 50 Cent 2) Andy Murray 3) Ben Affleck* 4) Blake Lively* 5) Brad Pitt* 6) Bradley Cooper* 7) Brandon Flowers 8

How to make it Awkward

Things you say and do that makes it awkward for a sober woman: The questions you ask-- 1) Why don’t you drink? 2) Is it a personal preference? 3) Do you not like the taste of alcohol? 4) You can’t just have one drink? 5) Are you really never going to drink again? 6) What do you do instead? 7) What do you do for fun then? 8) Are you pregnant? I know I’ve gotten more questions and statements than those listed above, but that’s what comes to mind right now. Ever

When I gave up Alcohol, I gained:

1) Better sleep 2) Meditation 3) Healthy relationships 4) Self-respect 5) Courage 6) Calming mindset 7) Control over my life 8) Friends Better sleep—I mentioned I’m trying to get better about a routine and go to bed at the same time every night. I love to sleep. I sleep in on weekends and I feel so refreshed. Meditation—I’m still learning best mediation practices and ways to unwind. I use oils, salt, and baths to help de-stress. Any natural and healthy way to

When I gave up Alcohol, I gave up:

1) Hangovers 2) Late nights 3) Unhealthy habits 4) Anger 5) Regrets 6) Toxic relationships 7) Memory loss 8) Friends Hangovers—I surely don’t miss this. It’s interesting that we know how we’re going to feel the next morning if we have too much to drink, and yet we do it anyway, ignoring our body’s way to tell us to stop. Then we brag about how much we had the night before and also complain about how we feel. Typically, wasting the next day away by trying to sl

When you can't have a Hot Toddy

I’m coughing at work. I’m coughing on the train. I’m coughing on the metro. I'm coughing in the middle of the night. I'm annoyed at myself. I’m sure people are annoyed at me. I started feeling ill almost a month ago on January 18th. I had the flu for four days but couldn't (and still can't) get rid of this cough. A side effect of having the flu is bronchitis. Fortunately for me, I have never had bronchitis...until now, however, I should note I've had asthma since I was s

Knowing your Triggers

January 17th. Today I really wanted a drink. The work day started off stressful due to verbal deadlines and bad time management on my part. I had to prepare for a meeting for the top dogs and report on where we stand with recruiting. I quickly realized I should’ve given myself more time. I show up to the meeting late. Unprepared. Needless to say my boss was not happy. I had my prior temp help me print out all the resumes, with feedback forms from their interviews to jog memor

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