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Nothing good happens after Midnight

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

January 26th, 2019

Listening to the news this week, I heard a lot of stories related to excessive drinking but the failed mention of the consequences of it.

One story was about a woman who went on a cruise ship with two of her girlfriends and had been served approximately 16 drinks. At 2 in the morning, she was with a man and footage showed her going overboard but the man didn’t report it. The woman’s body hasn’t been found and her husband is suing the cruise line for serving her 16+ drinks. You can presume the woman is dead, and that is awful. But what I’m wondering is this:

1) where were her friends? Sure, it’s 2 in the morning, but if you see that your friend is downing these drinks, and then slips away with a man, who isn’t her husband, wouldn’t you want to make sure she’s okay?

2) why is the husband suing the cruise line when no one was forcing drinks down her throat? (side note, the wife was cheating)

3) why aren’t we talking about the consequences of drinking? What did you think would possibly happen when you mix a boat, plus 16 drinks, plus water? The news didn’t say anything about that.

Instead, the news mentions the cruise line is going to take precautions by putting alarms around the ship so when someone does fall overboard, alarms will set off and everyone will know.

Another story was about a man who drank pitchers of beer before calling an Uber home. Okay--at least he was semi-responsible. Side note: this is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. If you’re going to get shit-faced, at least make sure you get home safely and don’t put other people in danger from your stupidity. I HATE when people brag about getting hammered and driving drunk. This is probably the stupidest thing you can ever do. Do you understand you can murder someone or potentially kill yourself? That is NOT something to brag about.

The said guy gets into an Uber car’s front seat and says “Have you ever crashed before? You’re going to crash.” and started jerking the steering wheel while the car was in motion. Luckily, the Uber driver stopped the car, called the police and said man was arrested. But again, the common denominator here is excessive drinking and the news didn’t say anything about that.

The third story was of women safety. I’m all about women safety but you also have to have common sense. A woman was left leaving a bar drunk and with a guy, but wasn’t seen again. Assuming here too that if the woman hasn’t been found yet, she’s probably dead, and that’s horrible. Again, the common denominator is excessive drinking.

When anyone goes out to a bar you:

1) always come with a buddy,

2) cover your drink,

3) don’t ever leave your drink anywhere,

4) don’t accept a drink unless you see it made directly at the bar and then given to you from the bartender

5) don’t leave the bar alone, especially drunk, and

6) don’t drive unless you’ve had 1 drink per hour. Actually, just don’t drive at all.

I heard the news anchor say “A woman is more at risk leaving the bar alone than she is leaving the bar with a friend.” Is that right? NO. FUCKING. SHIT. And this isn’t just for woman, this is for everyone.

If you’re going to drink, be smart about it and be safe. Know how you’re getting home, come with a friend that cares about you and your well being, and come back with a friend.

Remember, nothing good happens after midnight--that’s what my mom always said.

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