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When I gave up Alcohol, I gained:

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

1) Better sleep

2) Meditation

3) Healthy relationships

4) Self-respect

5) Courage

6) Calming mindset

7) Control over my life

8) Friends

Better sleep—I mentioned I’m trying to get better about a routine and go to bed at the same time every night. I love to sleep. I sleep in on weekends and I feel so refreshed.

Meditation—I’m still learning best mediation practices and ways to unwind. I use oils, salt, and baths to help de-stress. Any natural and healthy way to relax the mind, I want to try.

Healthy relationships—Not only do I now have a healthy relationship with myself, but I do with my mom and Perry. I would argue with my mom every chance I got. Disagree with her for the sake of disagreeing. Now we can talk freely and respect our differences of opinion. I mentioned I don’t think this relationship with Perry would have worked out if he did drink. This is the first sober relationship I’ve ever had, and this is the first guy I ever dated that hardly drinks. This goes back to changing the environment and the people around you.

Self-respect—This isn’t just associated with sex, but also being okay by saying no. I will say no if I don’t want to go out and be social. I will say no to working extra hours or working at home if I’m sick. I will say no to cleaning even if my house is a mess, but I am too tired. Listening to your mind and body is essential.

Courage—I’m not talking about liquid courage, I’m talking about real courage. It took me a while to want to do this blog. Putting myself out there for the internet trolls to read, view, and judge. This blog is about being vulnerable and honest. It’s meant to reach out to people who went through or are going through the same thing. To help, inspire and know it’s okay to talk about painful things. I’ve been lucky I’ve had the positive response I’ve had so far and the support from those I wouldn’t expect it from.

Calming mindset—I was an angry drunk and I was also dramatic. The choices I was making while I was drinking affected my life. Now, I take this pain and talk about it. Get it out of my head and heal.

Control over my life—I think this is a continuous process. I’m taking control over my life, and I’m making up for the decisions I made in the past. I’ve come a long way financially, but I’m continuing to figure out my career. I’m independent. I can take care of myself and I don’t feel dependent upon anyone trying to get me out of a hole.

Friends—You lose some, you gain some. I mentioned I lost friends along the way, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to gain new friends. Friends that don’t care I don’t drink and understand why I don’t. Friends that stayed, friends that supported me, and friends that I know drink but don’t drink around me.

What have you gained when you gave up alcohol?

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